Volunteer Information

The Legal Aid Society encourages volunteers with diverse backgrounds and experience levels to get involved. Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring that the legal needs of vulnerable New Yorkers are met across all of our practice areas. Employed attorneys who wish to volunteer for the Society as pro bono counsel, law students, college students, high school students, and law graduates with post-graduate stipends for specific periods of time are welcome to apply. Other volunteers, including volunteer attorneys seeking employment, college graduates, and committed community members may be accepted with the approval of the Attorney-in-Chief subject to applicable legal requirements.

If you are interested in volunteering with The Legal Aid Society:

  • Send a resume and cover letter to the Pro Bono Administrator at volunteers@legal-aid.org.
  • Please indicate the number of days and hours each week that you are available to volunteer and for how long you will be available (i.e. six weeks, six months, indefinitely, etc.)
  • Please include the practice area(s) you are most interested in serving.

The Society seeks volunteer applicants with a demonstrated commitment to the mission of The Legal Aid Society to ensure that no New Yorker is denied access to justice because of poverty. We also believe that our staff and volunteers should reflect the diversity of the clients we serve.

Law Students interested in an internship with The Legal Aid Society should explore our extensive Internship Program.