Homeless Rights

The Homeless Rights Project protects and enforces the legal rights of homeless families and individuals in New York City by initiating law reform litigation on behalf of groups of homeless families with children and by providing direct representation for families who contact the Project through a toll-free hotline and ongoing outreach in emergency housing facilities. Through law reform litigation and provision of direct representation, the Project ensures that families and individuals are not denied lawful shelter and services or illegally forced out of the shelter system. The Project also is working to make sure that formerly homeless families receive payment of fines that were part of the McCain settlement, groundbreaking litigation that recognized a permanent, enforceable right to shelter for homeless children and their families. Working with an expert legal team, pro bono attorneys will have the opportunity to review case records, interview homeless families and individuals, develop evidence of physical and/or mental impairments, draft memoranda, and represent clients at State administrative hearings.