Law Firm Extern Opportunities with The Legal Aid Society

In the Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Rights Practices, associates from law firms that participate in Legal Aid’s Pro Bono program can work with the Society’s supervising attorneys to establish specific externship projects at The Legal Aid Society. Law firm externs working at Legal Aid will have the opportunity to participate in The Legal Aid Society’s extensive new lawyer training program, which will provide the essential tools to become effective pro bono counsel. Working in an of counsel capacity to The Legal Aid Society, externs are mentored by our experienced attorneys to further enhance their professional development. Under the leadership of the Directors of Training in each of our three core Practices, ongoing professional training is conducted throughout the year in the form of in-house courses, online resource materials, use of brief and form banks, simulations, “shadowing” senior staff, moot court, and other programs.

For more information about pro bono externships with The Legal Aid Society, speak with the Lou Sartori, our Pro Bono Director, at