Hurricane Disaster Relief

As the legal profession's First Responder and largest disaster relief provider, The Legal Aid Society continues to help thousands of needy New Yorkers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Legal Aid staff members continue to provide the comprehensive disaster relief legal assistance at shelters for homeless and displaced New Yorkers, at the disaster centers, at community-based organizations, and through the Society's Mobile Justice Unit. "It was a desperate situation before the storm and it has become exponentially worse as the result of the storm," Steven Banks , Attorney-in-Chief of The Legal Aid Society, told the media. He added that "[t]here are other natural disasters that are examples of what is going to happen as we go forward. What was found after [Hurricane] Katrina is that there is an increased amount of immediate needs and [then] also an increased amount of longer-term needs-an increased amount of family law because of the increased tension on family life, for instance . . . [an increased need for assistance] with retraining services to help people get back into the job market and, of course, increased needs in terms of housing." The Society serves more than 100,000 adults and children with civil legal problems each year.

Access To Benefits/Hurricane Disaster Relief Hotline – Volunteers can help staff The Legal Aid Society’s hotline for victims of Hurricane Sandy secure disaster relief assistance and families and individuals obtain subsistence government benefits such as unemployment insurance, public health insurance (including Medicaid), public assistance, and food stamps.