Workers Speaking Out Has Brought Attention To Fast Food Industry; Legal Aid's Domino's Case Cited By CNN Money
THURSDAY, MAY 01, 2014

While there has been a rise in lawsuits related to wage and hour complaints, few private cases focused on the fast food industry. "It's only now that the fast food industry is getting attention from the private sector, probably because of all the organizing and workers speaking out," Hollis Pfitsch, a Staff Attorney in the Society's Employment Law Unit, told CNN Money.

Legal Aid's original lawsuit was against a New York-based franchisee, but the international corporation Domino's Pizza (DPZ) was added to the suit as a joint employer after employees alleged the company held control over hiring policies, training, staff uniforms, point-of-sale systems and time and pay records. The case was settled with the franchisee agreeing to pay back wages to 61 employees, and Domino's corporate parent agreeing to minor concessions.