Webinar on Legal Aid’s Cop Accountability Project

Cynthia Conti-Cook, Staff Attorney in the Criminal Practice’s Special Litigation Unit, will be the instructor in a webinar on LAS’s Cop Accountability Project sponsored by The National Association of Public Defenders (NAPD) on September 10 at 1 p.m.

Click here to register for the 60 minute webinar.

Every day in the media we see the light shining on the dysfunction of current policing strategies. Over-policing of communities of color as well as physical and emotional violence at the hands of the police have been problems for decades. Identifying patterns of individual or systemic police misconduct by collecting data on the recurring complaints, lawsuits, and press coverage of the police is critical not only to attorneys representing people on individual matters but also for seeking policy change. New York Legal Aid Society has implemented the Cops Accountability Project (CAP), a database of around 3000 entries regarding police officers in NYC, from sources such as news articles, lawsuits, Brady letters, and civilian complaints.