Victory for New York City's Section 8 tenants

The Legal Aid Society and the Community Service Society praise the leadership of Senator Schumer and Congress woman Velazquez in protecting New York City's low-income Section 8 tenants facing devastating rule.

In June, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development issued a proposed rule on Small Area Fair Market Rents. The purpose of the rule was to encourage tenants with Section 8 vouchers to move from neighborhoods of low opportunity to neighborhoods of high opportunity. However, the impact on New York City would be devastating because it requires mobility in a city where there is no successful mobility because of our low vacancy rate. The Legal Aid Society, The Community Service Society and The New York Housing Conference responded to HUD’s proposed rule by submitting comments that were endorsed by forty seven New York Housing groups including both tenants and landlords. Our federal delegation, led by Senator Schumer and Congress Woman Velazquez made a similar argument on behalf of New York City’s voucher holders.

Yesterday, HUD released its final rule. Because of the leadership of Senator Schumer and Congress Woman Velazquez, HUD responded to our concerns by removing jurisdictions with low vacancy rates from their rule including New York City.