The Legal Aid Society Recognizes Work Of Staff During Social Work Month; The Legal Aid Society Led The Nation In Recognizing The Value Of In-House Social Work Services

The Legal Aid Society, as the largest legal employer of forensic social workers in the country, greatly appreciates all of the extraordinary services that the our social workers provide to clients throughout the year.

With more than 120 social workers on staff, on a daily basis, social workers in the Society's Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Rights Practices respond to the behavioral, environmental, familial, emotional and social issues which can complicate client cases and help ensure that we obtain the best possible legal outcomes for the vulnerable families and individuals we represent.

March is National Social Work Month, recognizing the diverse work of more than 650,000 professionals across the country.

In 1971, The Legal Aid Society was one of the first legal organizations in the nation to recognize the value of access to "in-house" social service expertise and to incorporate professionally trained social workers into its Juvenile Rights and Criminal Practices.