The Legal Aid Society Is Assisting New York City in Reaching Out to Haitian Immigrants

The Legal Aid Society has been identified by New York City as one of the key organizations to assist eligible Haitian immigrants in receiving Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Obama Administration last week designated Haitians for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Under this program eligible Haitian nationals will have approximately 180 days to apply for TPS. The status is valid initially for 18 months and will allow eligible Haitians an opportunity to obtain work authorization. It is very important that we reach the Haitian community to provide accurate information and registration services. For this reason, under the leadership of Adriene Holder, Civil Practice Attorney-in-Charge, and JoJo Annobil, Attorney-in-Charge of the Immigration Law Unit, the unit is hosting community outreach events (in addition to our regular community clinic schedule).

JoJo Annobil appeared on Eyewitness News January 20 to discuss the need for Haitians to receive the proper guidance with the applications. (Read the interview transcript.) JoJo Annobil told WABC that the plan is to reach as many Haitians as possible. He said that everyone is attempting to avoid individuals being charged exorbitant fees for providing assistance with the applications. Services provided by The Legal Aid Society are free.

For your information, additional materials about the outreach events and TPS and what documents clients must provide follow below.

The Society is seeking volunteers from the legal community to assist in the preparation of TPS applications so we may provide this critical service at this time. Please contact Katie Niejadlik at to volunteer.

We also need volunteers to help with Creole interpretation. Please contact Allison Baker at or Hasan Shafiqullah at if you would like to volunteer and ask potential volunteers to contact them.

Like all New Yorkers, our hearts go out to all those who are suffering in Haiti and in our communities.