The Legal Aid Society Gets A New Look
THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2009
Legal Aid's New Brand

Last Spring with a one-time gift,we engaged the marketing/re-branding firm of Siegel + Gale to help us refine our message about the essential client services that we provide and the unique role The Legal Aid Society plays in the social fabric of New York City. Alan Siegel, CEO and Chairman of Siegel + Gale, took a special interest in this project and offered the services of his firm at a deeply discounted rate and provided his services pro bono.

As you know staff received a preview of the new brand at office meetings during the last few weeks. Those who attended our annual Servant of Justice Award Dinner last night saw the tremendous results of this important initiative with the new brand displayed on screens and 6-foot tall panels (shown above). The assistance of members of the staff, Board of Directors, judges and City officials have been invaluable to this project and we are grateful.

The message is clear and crisp: The Legal Aid Society is more than a law firm for low income New Yorkers. It is an indispensable component of the legal, social, and economic fabric of New York—passionately advocating for individuals across a variety of civil, criminal, and juvenile rights matters, while also fighting for legal reform. No other organization in New York City or in the country takes on more cases for more clients than The Legal Aid Society and brings a depth and breadth of perspective from its experienced, capable staff that is unmatched in the legal profession. Add to this a venerable history of over 130 years of service to New York City and you have THE LEGAL AID SOCIETY.

We thank Alan Siegel and his great team, led by Jenifer Brooks and Douglas Sellers.