The Legal Aid Society Alumni Association

The Legal Aid Society is creating The Legal Aid Society Alumni Association to bring together the thousands of people who started their careers here and the many who stayed with the Society until retirement.

We are reaching out to the Staff and asking them to contact alumni/alumnae they know and share this information with them. We are providing two links. One link is to a Facebook page that will connect alums to each other. The second link is to a Google form which will provide us with the information to contact them about activities of The Legal Aid Society Alumni Association. The Facebook page also has a link to the form.

We are hopeful that the creation of the association will bring additional support to The Legal Aid Society and provide the thousands of alumni with information about the great work accomplished by the Staff for low-income New Yorkers.

Here are the links to let people know where to find the alumni information:

Join us on Facebook:

Application to join the Alumni Association: