Telephone Service Has Been Restored at Legal Aid Headquarters at 199 Water Street

We are pleased to report that our basic Verizon telephone service has now been restored at our 199 Water Street office. Legal Aid Society staff based at Water Street can now be reached directly at our individual Water Street telephone numbers and individual voice-mail service is now back on line at Water Street.

We are still working with our vendors to restore our Water Street phone tree staff directory that can be used by calling 212-577-3300 and our telephone system's capacity for routing calls to specific departments and units at Water Street as well as to other Legal Aid Society offices. Our data services are continuing to be provided by a direct connection to our citywide computer network pending restoration of Verizon data service. Additional Verizon work is also needed this week in order for our citywide RightFax system to operate again.

As the additional services are restored, we will keep you advised. Thank you again for your patience and cooperation during this difficult period.