JRP Honors Attorneys in Stays and Writs Project

The Juvenile Rights Practice presented its third SOuL (Stepping Out of Line) Award yesterday to Judy Stern and Claire Merkine of the Stays and Writs Project and their supervisor, Judy Waksberg. The SOuL Award is given to a team or group that has truly stepped out of the box in provding service to our clients by thinking of new and creative ways to offer them legal or social service assistance.

In announcing the award, Tamara Steckler, Attorney-in-Charge, said that working on stay applications requires an ability to absorb and integrate complicated fact patterns, analyze them in their legal framework, and produce a written application that is thorough in its presentation of the facts, compelling in its presentation of the law and designed to persuade an appellate court that justice requires its action. And all of this must be accomplished under extreme time pressure. Luckily for Juvenile Rights, we have Judy Stern and Claire Merkine, expertly supervised by Judy Waksberg. The awards were presented after a unique training with the Mount Sinai Adolescent Center.

Tami Steckler participated in an important panel October 20 on "A Need for Correction: Reforming New York's Juvenile Justice System" sponsored by the Center for New York City Affairs, the New School and the Center for an Urban Future.