Staten Island's Fresh Start a Huge Success

On Saturday, the staff of the Staten Island Criminal Defense Practice office, joined by members of the 2016 new attorney class, Community Justice Unit, MIS and other CDP units, provided representation to over 200 people in the borough's first warrant amnesty program.

From CDP Chief Tina Luongo: Shout out to all the hard work to plan and implement this endeavor, especially to Christopher Pisciotta, the Attorney-in-Charge, who has been pushing the DA office and OCA for a number of years to hold this event!

This event, and the growing number of events we have been holding in the last few years, demonstrates that our commitment to our clients goes beyond the courtroom and litigation. Sure, we are still the best litigators in this City, but now our clients know we also stand with them outside the courtroom- in the communities where they live and work.

So again, great job SI Fresh Start team!