Statement from The Legal Aid Society Responding to President Trump's Executive Orders on U.S. Immigration Policy

The Legal Aid Society released the following statement this afternoon responding to President Trump’s executive orders relating to United States immigration policy:

“Today’s executive action rolls back national progress we have made reforming a broken immigration system into one a little more humane and consistent with New York values of compassion, tolerance and inclusivity.

As a nation, we should not be building walls and closing our doors to immigrant families and refugees fleeing oppression.

This does not reflect our principals, ideals and it's simply cruel and flawed policy.

Regardless of these orders from the Trump administration, The Legal Aid Society remains committed to defending our local immigrant communities tooth-and-nail from xenophobic directives that destroy families.

We urge Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to immediately explore all legal options that will limit the impact of these orders on immigrants in New York, and challenge the Administration's authority to make federal government grants to states and cities conditional on the basis of complying with these specific policies."