Statement from The Legal Aid Society on International Women’s Day

The Legal Aid Society’s Practice Chiefs – Adriene Holder (Civil), Tina Luongo (Criminal), and Tami Steckler (Juvenile Rights) – released the following statement today on International Women’s Day.

"The Legal Aid Society stands in solidarity with those celebrating throughout the world the extraordinary and transcendent contributions of women on International Women’s Day. This day also serves as a reminder that women’s rights are human rights, and yet too often, women are denied equality of opportunity. As this is very much a global problem, we must still make daily efforts to ensure that women have a full and equal place in society.

While we laud the courageous women who strike today and join them from our hearts, our work mandates constant attention because the injustices that plague families, mothers, young women, trans women and others we defend does not relent. Through our work around the city serving the vulnerable, we join with women and others united and firm against forces of misogyny and sexism, yet always unwavering for the tenets of inclusivity and tolerance.”