Statement from The Legal Aid Society on DHS Memos Relating to Detention and Deportation

The Legal Aid Society released the following statement today responding to signed U.S. Department of Homeland Security memos relating to the enforcement of immigration laws, including a potentially massive expansion of the number of people detained and deported:

“These executive memos guised as necessary national security precautions are rooted in xenophobia, and at their core deprive fundamental rights of due process and access to legal representation that should be afforded to anyone mired in detention and deportation proceedings.

Our work in communities and organizational response to this latest order continues uninterrupted. The Legal Aid Society’s immigration enforcement hotline remains a resource for the concerned to obtain information about their rights; our attorneys are also holding regular Know Your Rights forums in every borough educating immigrant families; and collaboration with lawmakers at City Hall and in Albany on advancing key sanctuary policies is of paramount importance.

We see these orders for what they truly are – inhumane and destructive - but New Yorkers should have some solace knowing that the city’s primary public defender organization is already out working in impacted neighborhoods and committed to protecting our immigrant communities from these policies.”