Statement from Seymour James, Attorney-in-Chief, Regarding Social Work Month

As we celebrate Social Work Month we want to thank all the social work staff who are an integral part of our organization and provide exemplary service for our clients. The Legal Aid Society hired its first social worker in 1928 in the Criminal Branch. In 1972, the Parole Revocation Defense Unit was established - the first of its kind in the nation providing legal representation and social work diversion services to the parolee population.

Social Workers advocating for children became a permanent presence in the Society with the establishment of the Juvenile Services Unit within the Juvenile Rights Practice in 1973. This was the first unit which paired social workers with attorneys to represent and advocate for children in Family Court. Since then, the social work staff has grown to over 150 licensed social work professionals throughout the Juvenile Rights, Criminal Defense, and Civil Practices. We recognize and applaud the critical role that social workers have as part of the team providing legal representation and advocacy to our clients.