Special Message for Legal Aid Society Staff

Due to the current weather conditions, effective at 6 PM yesterday, we powered down our citywide computer systems because we were about to lose power. This affected all e-mail traffic through Outlook, Blackberries, and other devices. If we had not taken this action, our system would have been at risk of substantial damage if it were shut down precipitously due to a power outage. We also took down our telephone system at 199 Water Street because of an imminent loss of power to the building due to conditions in lower Manhattan. Voice mail at 199 Water Street, our phone tree system, and our 212-577-3333 information number are inoperative at this time.

Incoming e-mail received during this period will be queued up and delivered when our system comes back on line. Similarly, voice mails received by Water Street staff before the telephone system goes down will be available once the system comes back up. No messages can be left for Water Street staff while the system is down.

As we advised yesterday, until our computer systems come back up, please check our website and follow us on Twitter at @LegalAidNYC for further updates regarding Tuesday night arraignments and our Wednesday operations. Again, we gratefully appreciate the efforts of managers and staff who are providing client services at arraignments beginning at 5 PM tonight after the storm.