Reforms Needed in New York’s Knife Laws

New York State’s laws on gravity knives, in their current form, harm too many hard-working, law-abiding New Yorkers, subjecting them to unjust arrests and detainments because they carry knives for their jobs in professions like construction and building maintenance. Tina Luongo, Attorney-in-Charge of The Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Practice explained the predicament to 1010 WINS listeners.

Luongo said the way the statute is now written and interpreted, largely by the New York City Police Department, is that any folding knife, if flipped open hard enough, can be grounds for prosecution.

Earlier this year, state legislators passed a bill that would reform laws surrounding gravity knifes. The 1010 WINS story comes days ahead of a rally scheduled for Monday where Legal Aid and others are urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign the bill.