Promise of a Bright Future for Amadou Ly, Thanks to Legal Aid Heroes
Amadou Ly

The promising future of Amadou Ly, a young immigrant from Senegal, would have ended in deportation if not for the tireless efforts of Amy Meselson, a staff attorney in the Civil Practice's Immigration Unit, and the hard work of a number of her colleagues at Legal Aid.

Amadou was abandoned in this country at the age of 14 by his mother. As a teenager he excelled in high school and was heading to college. At 18, a car accident in Pennsylvania in 2004 put him on the path of certain deportation as an undocumented immigrant until The Legal Aid Society stepped in to help him. Nina Bernstein of The New York Times wrote of Amadou's plight and Amy's efforts to save him. The story received international attention. Immigration authorities were persuated to drop the deportation proceedings and Amadou was granted a foreign student visa. Now, Amadou is scheduled to graduate in June from Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn. Amadou has secured a juvenile green card just before his 21st birthday this month, thanks to Amy and the Legal Aid team, consisting of Katie Fleet and Ward Oliver of the Immigration Unit and Beth Unger, staff attorney, and Jennifer Cohn, social worker, in the Manhattan office of the Criminal Practice.

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