Prisoners' Rights Project Brings Lawsuit on Behalf of Beaten Inmate
Jonathan Chasan

Jonathan Chasan, a Supervising Attorney in the Prisoners' Rights Project of The Legal Aid Society, brought a lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of Tyreek Shuford, who was beaten while an inmate at Rikers in 2007 for sitting in the wrong chair in the dayroom, denied medical care and beaten two weeks later by an officer. Chasan's lawsuit was part of a New York Times story focused on inmate-on-inmate violence at Rikers in which a number of inmates said they were the victims of beatings by prisoners, and a pattern of guards looking the other way, or in fact, ordering the attacks on inmates.

The Prisoners' Rights Project has brought about important systemic changes in the jail and prison systems through civil litigation of individual cases, class action lawsuits and monitoring to protect the rights of prisoners and project abuses.

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