Over 50 Advocacy Groups Call For Review of NYPD Treatment of Homeless New Yorkers

Advocates for homeless New Yorkers have called for a formal investigation and review of NYPD policing and treatment of homeless New Yorkers.

The letter is co-signed by over 50 local and national organizations including The Legal Aid Society. It cites police orders for homeless individuals to vacate public spaces as well as the confiscation and destruction of person belongings as grounds to open a former inquiry.

“Over the past two years and especially the past several months, a number of documented incidents and reports, together with pronouncements by top government officials, raise serious concerns about whether homeless people in the city are being targeted with abusive and discriminatory treatment by the NYPD – simply due to their housing status,” the letter states.

“Homeless New Yorkers are entitled to the same rights as any other resident of the city, but some accounts appear to indicate that police have participated in activity violating that notion,” the letter continues.