Homeless Families Refused Emergency Shelter by the City
A homeless child sleeps on the floor of St. Anne's Episcopal Church in the South Bronx after the child's family was refused shelter.  The photograph was taken by staff in the Homeless Rights Project as evidence in the McCain litigation which seeks to ensure that homeless children and their framilies receive lawful shelter and services.  We have obscured the face of the child out of respect to the family.

The plight of homeless families, exacerbated by the City’s new policy of refusing emergency overnight shelter to families found "ineligible" for on-going shelter placement—even when City records show that the City makes a mistake in one out of every three cases--has been the subject of numerous news reports, columns and editorials. An editorial in The New York Times (October 21) and a column by Bob Herbert (October 30) discussed the harshness of the new policy and the hardships on children. Attorney-in-Chief Steven Banks, who has testified on the issue before the New York City Council, has been quoted numerous times in the press coverage.

Testimony of The Legal Aid Society on the impact of the Department of Homeless Services' new policy to deny shelter from the elements to homeless children and their families. Presented to the New York City Council General Welfare Committee, by Steven Banks, the Attorney-in-Chief of The Legal Aid Society.

Testimony of a homeless father on the impact of the new policy on his family. Presented to the New York City Council General Welfare Committee by Don Keith Allen, Sr.

Two recent NY Times articles highlight the plight of these families: