October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Domestic Violence Sub-Committee of the Gender Bias Committee at Bronx Family Court has planned several events. On October 1st Vicki Light, a Staff Attorney at Bronx JRP, will be co-facilitating a Vicarious Trauma Training for court personnel. The training will look at vicarious trauma and its effects on service providers, specifically attorneys and court personnel. The training will define vicarious trauma, identify its causes and effects and describe tools and techniques for managing it. Vicki is currently the co-chair person of JRP’s committee on Secondary Trauma Stress.

In addition, on October 20th, Sarah Johnston, the Assistant Supervising Social Worker in the Bronx JRP office, will be on a panel entitled “Litigating Trauma – How Trauma Impacts Courtroom Experience.” The panel will look at how trauma, including the court process, impacts survivors’ experience, perspective and behavior. Sarah will present the child’s perspective. Sarah has extensive experience working with children exposed to domestic violence.