NY Daily News: Readers sound off on gun control, Bedford Armory and the New York Giants

Judith Goldiner and Jennifer Levy from our Civil Law Reform Unit penned a letter to the editor in response to a Daily News editorial about recent litigation challenging the City’s Bedford Armory development plans and methodology for measuring tenant displacement.

NY Daily News
Readers sound off on gun control, Bedford Armory and the New York Giants
December 6, 2017

The fairest armory plan

Manhattan: Re “A Legal Wrecking Ball” (editorial, Dec. 4): It’s quite clear what our lawsuit seeks to secure: a Bedford-Union Armory plan that truly works for Crown Heights residents, and an overhaul to the city’s flawed tenant displacement formula that has been used unchecked for decades. Make no mistake, ignoring the genuine plights faced by rent-regulated tenants in land use decisions has spurred gentrification and contributed to our sprawling homelessness crises. As in any analysis, in order to make an informed decision, all relevant factors must be considered. The city’s current tenant displacement method is devoid of these basics, and our clients bear those consequences every day. The policy also violates the law because it has never been subjected to public review. The editorial does get one point right, though: If our litigation prevails, it would have an unprecedented impact on real estate projects past, present and future. But as lawyers serving the public interest, this is not a deterrent but rather a goal we strive for to ensure that the system works for all New Yorkers.

Judith Goldiner
Jennifer Levy

The Legal Aid Society

This article originally appeared in The New York Daily News.

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