Legal Aid's Criminal Defense New Attorney Training Featured at Brennan Center's Community-Oriented Defender Network Conference; Serves as National Model for Client Centered Representation

The Legal Aid Society's Criminal Defense Practice training, which serves as a national model for new attorney training and client centered representation, was featured at the Brennan Center's Annual Community-Oriented Defense Network Conference on July 19 at the New York University School of Law.

The panel, entitled Views and Voices from Real Former Defender Clients: Empowering the Client in Your Client Centered Training, presented to public defenders from across the country our innovative, client-centered approach of training by having former clients talk to new attorneys about what is important in building the client/attorney relationship.

The panel was introduced by Tina Luongo, the Deputy Attorney-in-Charge of the Criminal Practice, and Dennis Murphy, the Criminal Practice Director of Training, and was moderated by Tim Rountree, the Queens Criminal Defense Attorney-in-Charge, and Karen Dubin McKnight, a MICA Social Worker. The Fortune Society and the College Initiative teamed with The Legal Aid Society to provide the voices of our clients. Also in attendance at the conference were Bronx Criminal Defense staff attorneys Robin Frankel and Cynthia Pong.

The Community-Oriented Defender Network is a coalition of public defender offices and related service providers who seek to address the needs of clients beyond the immediate criminal case, to engage in systemic reform of failed criminal justice policies, and to enlist the involvement of community members in developing and implementing these problem-solving approaches.