Major New York Times Story Focuses On Homeless Policy Failures and Poverty in New York City; Legal Aid Experts Cited

In a major front-page story based on a year of independent reporting, New York Times investigative reporter Andrea Elliott documents the failures of the City's policies for homeless New Yorkers and the growing income inequality in New York City. The multi-part story reports on the impact on an 11-year-old child and her family whom the City relegated to the Auburn shelter in Fort Greene.

Steven Banks, The Legal Aid Society's Attorney-in-Chief, Joshua Goldfein, a Staff Attorney in the Society's Homeless Rights Project, and Marty Feinman, the Attorney-in-Charge of the Brooklyn office of the Society's Juvenile Rights Practice, are quoted in the extensive source notes for the family's story. The Legal Aid Society provided legal assistance to help this 11-year-old child and her family, including assistance to relocate the family from the shelter. Banks said that "this shocking story painfully presents in extraordinary detail the City policy failures that are producing a lost generation of homeless children who will be indelibly scarred by their experiences in the municipal shelter system." The Society has advised the City that it will commence litigation regarding deteriorating conditions at the Auburn shelter unless the City ceases housing children under two there and remedies health and safety violations as directed by State inspectors.

Separate from The Legal Aid Society's own year-end appeal to support our work to prevent and alleviate homelessness, in response to individual requests to help Dasani's family, a trust is being set up and information about supporting her family can be found here. We are very grateful to our pro bono partner White & Case LLP, which is assisting us in this effort.