Legal Aid Sponsors Training Conference on Litigating Confession Cases

The Criminal Practice sponsored a major training conference on "Litigating Confession Cases" for 125 attorneys and investigators from The Legal Aid Society's Criminal and Juvenile Rights Practices and attorneys from the law firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reid LLP. Hughes Hubbard & Reid hosted the two-day symposium that featured prominent national and local experts. Among the speakers was Dr. Richard Ofshe, a 1979 Pulitzer Prize winning social scientist who is internationally known for his involvement in wrongful confession cases, such as the Central Park Jogger case, the Temple Murder cases in Phoenix, the Marty Tankleff case in Suffolk County, and the Memphis 4 case.

Among the other speakers were Legal Aid Criminal Practice litigators John Needham and Elizabeth Felber of the Bronx office, Tom Klein of the Manhattan office , and Azalia Torres of the Brooklyn office. Deja Vishny, a senior homicide public defender from the Wisconsin State Public Defender and CLE committee chair for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, gave a talk on coercive police interrogation and cross examination. Other private practitioner speakers were Susan Tipograph, Bruce Barket (who represented Marty Tankleff on appeal), and David Ruhnke, one of the country’s most experienced capital litigators. The symposium was arranged by Dennis Murphy, Director of Training for the Criminal Practice. The Legal Aid Society expresses its gratitude to Hughes Hubbard & Reid LLP for hosting the symposium.