Legal Aid Society Recognizes Transgender Day of Remembrance

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, The Legal Aid Society commemorates the many victims of transphobic violence. We recognize that oppression against transgender clients comes in many forms, including the over-criminalization and policing of transgender communities. The discrimination, harassment and violence that stems from transphobia is connected to race, gender, and class. Transgender individuals of color who are poor, undocumented or homeless are often deprived of essential rights and benefits.

Many of our transgender clients are marginalized people of color who frequently live at the intersections of these multiple oppressions, increasing their vulnerability. This is evidenced by the disproportionate incidents of violence against black women of transgender experience.

This day is a reminder for all of us to continue to protect the rights and safety of the most marginalized groups within our society. The Legal Aid Society will continue to affirm and support the transgender community through our advocacy, education and community engagement.