Legal Aid's Long History of Advocacy Recognized in WNYC Series

Robert Lewis, a reporter at WYNC, has been working with our staff over the last several months on multi-part series on police accountability, lying and the need for transparency. Below are the first two segments in the series that focuses on the work we do in our Cop Accountability Project.

Tina Luongo, the Attorney-in-Charge of the Criminal Practice, sent the following memo to CDP staff: This is indeed a proud moment for LAS. For decades, we have been making the case that cops are not disciplined for wrongdoing, lying and abuse. We have made the case in courtrooms throughout this city and in our law reform efforts. We called for the creation of a citywide database to track, and make public, the information we know exists, but has been hidden by NYPD and prosecutors. When our calls for the creation of a database were not answered, we did it ourselves. Our work started with dedicated staff tracking this information with paper and pen, then excel spreadsheets and now, we are working with a consultant to develop a database that can be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our years of experience in tracking this information is the focus of a national movement. Defenders here in NYC and across the country want to implement our model in their offices. So many staff members throughout LAS have put in hundreds upon hundreds of hours to bring us to this point and I am sure the work will not slow down as we move into the next phase. Let’s all celebrate the great work done every on behalf of our clients. Keep it up!