Legal Aid's Chief Attorney Testifies on Wrongful Convictions before New York State Bar

Steven Banks, the Attorney-in-Chief of The Legal Aid Society, testified at a public hearing on "Wrongful Convictions" before the New York State Bar Association's Task Force on Wrongful Convictions.

Banks noted that each day, Legal Aid's Criminal Practice attorneys grapple with the frightening prospects and consequences of wrongful convictions. He said that the Task Force has correctly identified the systemic frailties that contribute to wrongful convictions, including practices of government, practices of defense attorneys, false confessions, jailhouse informants, witness identification and collection and maintenance of evidence. "Wrongful convictions can result from the withholding or late production of Brady exculpatory materials and discovery practices in which information is not given to the defense until the eve of trial," Banks said.

Read the full testimony here.