Legal Aid Lawyer Angela Hines Mentors Rockaway Teen Girls, Helps Them Experience Prom
MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2013

Angela Hines, a Legal Aid Staff Attorney in the Queens office of the Juvenile Rights Practice, mentors Rockaway teen-age girls and collects gowns and donations so these teen victims of Hurrican Sandy can experience a prom. Ms. Hines, a mother of five, was featured in the New York Daily News for her inspirational work with teen-age girls. She is collecting gowns and donations to sponsor a "Queens of Far Rockaway" event next month.

New York Daily News
Inspirational Rockaway mom pampers Sandy teens; Angela Hines  hosts event to help storm victims prepare for proms 
By Lisa L. Colangelo
April 19, 2013

Project Window founder Angela Hines, who collects donations such as dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. for Hurricane Sandy victims, inside her home in Rockaway.

Angela Hines thinks every teen girl should experience a prom, whether or not she has the money to make it happen.

The Rockaway lawyer and mother of five is collecting gowns and donations to host a “Queens of Far Rockaway” event next month that will allow teen victims of Superstorm Sandy to pamper and primp for the big night.

“My daughter goes to the Scholars’ Academy and some of her friends are still displaced,” said Hines. “Some of these families are still trying to put new floors down in their houses. To ask them to pay from prom dresses might be a bit much.”

Hines, 43, is an inspirational figure to Rockaway teens. The high school drop-out worked her way through college and law school while raising five children. She is now a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society.

She mentors dozens of young girls through her Project Window program, designed to expose them to life outside the grim housing projects of Rockaway and convince them of the importance of education.

“I thought about growing up here and what I did to stay grounded,” said Hines, who still lives in the Ocean Bay Houses, once known as the Edgemere Houses. “We did cheerleading. We danced.”

The tireless Hines says her kids, who range in age from 12 to 25, are her biggest success stories.

Her daughters, 19-year-old Ebony, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, and 13-year-old Zhane have helped her collect gowns and organize the “Queens of Far Rockaway” event.

Girls will be able to munch on snacks while trying on dresses. Volunteers will help them pick out accessories and test out make-up.

“If they don’t have to pay for any of this, maybe they can pay for the fees and go to the prom,” Hines said.

Hines’ colleague Deborah Williams said she volunteers to help because young girls are in need of strong mentors.

“Kids don’t always have someone to turn to for guidance and support,” said Williams, who has been a legal aid attorney for 25 years. “They love Angela. She makes them feel special and engaged.”

Hines has already collected more than 100 prom dresses and is looking for donations to help fund the event at the Ocean Bay Community Center.

“We want to make sure the Sandy kids are not forgotten,” said Hines. “We want them to feel special for the day.”

For more information about the Queens of Far Rockaway event or to donate send an email to