Legal Aid Launches New Video Series To Provide Basic Know Your Rights Information For New Yorkers
TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

The Legal Aid Society's Attorney-in-Chief, Steven Banks, announced that the Society has "created an initial series of Know Your Rights videos on key legal problems handled by our Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Rights Practices." Banks said that "the series provides basic information for clients and community advocates about the comprehensive client services we provide and enhances and expands the Society's ongoing Know Your Rights initiatives in all five boroughs of the City, including the Society's self-help Know Your Rights brochures."

"The Know Your Rights video series is available on YouTube with a link from The Legal Aid Society's website. These Know Your Rights videos will be played on a continuous loop for clients in the Society's office waiting rooms. The videos are also being distributed to all elected officials and various community groups within New York City, and The Legal Aid Society is offering to provide additional Know Your Rights training programs for constituents and community groups," Banks said.

More information about The Legal Aid Society's Know Your Rights video series and brochures may be obtained from the Society's Communications Office by calling 212-577-3346 or by emailing

This Know Your Rights effort will further expand the Society's comprehensive services for New Yorkers. The Legal Aid Society is the oldest and largest legal services organization for low-income families and individuals in the United States. The Legal Aid Society has an annual workload of more than 300,000 individual legal matters for low-income families and individuals with civil, criminal, and juvenile rights legal problems in all five boroughs of New York City, in addition to extensive law reform representation that benefits all two million low-income children and adults in New York City and has a statewide and national impact.