Legal Aid’s Tenant Protection Work Featured in Univision Multi-Part Series

The Legal Aid Society’s broad range of housing advocacy for low-income New Yorkers has been the subject of Univision news coverage over the past several days. Stories that have aired Tuesday and Wednesday, and also slated for Thursday, focus on the Civil Practice’s array of legal services for tenants, which run from anti-eviction and anti-harassment work to the procurement of repairs and housing benefits. The segments feature Legal Aid staff and clients.

Yoedys Guerrero, a Law Graduate in the Harlem Tenant Rights Coalition Unit, appeared in Tuesday’s story discussing anti-harassment work. In Wednesday’s piece overviewing Legal Aid’s housing representation, Rodrigo Santelices, Supervising Attorney of the Harlem Tenant Rights Coalition Unit, and Juanita Cruz-Cataquet, a Paralegal in the Housing Development Unit, discussed the Society’s offerings. Ana Perez, a Staff Attorney in the Bronx Tenant Rights Coalition Unit, will appear in a story scheduled for Thursday on the succession rights of family members to rent-regulated apartments when the tenant of record has either vacated the premises or died.

In the broadcasts, Univision has shown live footage of Legal Aid members working on the Society’s Tenant Rights Coalition hotline, and provided television and online viewers with hotline contact information. In Tuesday and Wednesday alone, hotline staff have already spoken to more than 100 people.