NY1: Lawsuit Seeks To Replace Landlord Tenants Say Won't Make Repairs

NY1 reports on our lawsuit against a Bronx landlord for neglecting tenant needs and basic repairs for months.

Lawsuit Seeks To Replace Landlord Tenants Say Won't Make Repairs
By Rocco Vertuccio
February 16, 2018

A local landlord comes under fire for failing to make repairs in his Bronx apartment building.

Arthur Gibbons served some jail time last summer for violating city housing codes.

But tenants say despite Gibbons' arrest, repairs to their apartments have still not been made.

The Legal Aid Society is calling the living conditions outrageous.

They are petitioning courts to remove Gibbons as landlord and appoint someone new to make the necessary repairs.

"Once we got involved we started coming to tenants individually and asking what their problems were," said Legal Aid attorney Zoe Kheyman. "We learned about the defective elevator service, the illegal electric locks downstairs, some people have mice, rodents, cockroach infestations, some people have some really bad mold, so we decided to take action."

Gibbons told NY1 says the claims are false and that he is consistently making repairs throughout the apartments.

Gibbons says his current tenants are only making these complaints because they have yet to pay rent.

This article originally appeared on NY1.