LAS Advises on How to Reduce Mass Incarceration
THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015

Tina Luongo, Attorney in Charge of The Legal Aid Society's Criminal Defense Practice, traveled to DC to participate as the defense representative of a NYC contingent invited to the MacArthur Foundation's Safety and Justice Challenge conference. NYC, along with 19 other jurisdiction has been selected by MacArthur to receive a planning grant to aid the City is analyzing ways to reduce the number of New Yorkers being incarcerated in City jails.

Since the 1980's this Country has tripled the number of people incarcerated. Jails now hold 731,000 people on any given day and admit nearly 12 Million people a year. Studies have proven that just a few days in jail have devastating effects on health, education, employment and housing. While NYC has made some efforts already to reduce those held at Rikers Island, there are certainly more steps that can and must be taken to protect low income New Yorkers from the devastating effects of incarceration. Tina will work with the City to help develop a strategy to reduce incarceration.