Juli Kempner Joins The Legal Aid Society As Director of the Criminal and Civil Social Work Practice

Juli Kempner, who has supervisory, management, and practice skills as a social worker and an attorney, joined The Legal Aid Society staff on August 1 as the Director of the Criminal and Civil Social Work Practice.

For the past two years, Juli has been the Director of East Village Access, a new community-based mental health center designed to treat and help psychiatrically disabled individuals attain goals in wellness, housing and employment. Previously, Juli was the Director of Legal and Advocacy Services for the Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities in Florida, the Executive Director of the Georgia Law Center for Homelessness, the CEO of the YMCA of Tampa Bay, and the Director of Housing Litigation at Harlem Legal Services. Juli holds a social work degree from Hunter College School of Social Work and a law degree from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law.