Judith Goldiner Appointed Attorney-in-Charge of The Legal Aid Society's Civil Law Reform Unit

Judith Goldiner, Supervising Attorney in the Civil Practice's Law Reform Unit, has been named Attorney-in-Charge of the unit. During her 21years at the Society, Judith has conceived of, commenced, litigated and resolved many successful impact litigation cases. In addition, she has helped bring about important legislative changes including Local Law 10, the shelter law and the renewal and strengthening of the rent laws.

Many attorneys and paralegals benefit from Judith’s willingness to serve as a mentor. She generously provides support and professional development skills to Society staff, pro-bono attorneys, legal services attorneys and advocates in New York City and across the state. Judith is both inclusive and collaborative. She has a multi-prong approach to our work and has used a combination of litigation, legislative advocacy and media work to bring about systemic change.

For the last four years Judith has been the Supervising Attorney of the Law Reform Unit directly supervising or coordinating the law reform work in the areas of housing and homeless rights. Prior to that she served as a staff attorney in the Law Reform Unit and started her career with the Society as a staff attorney in the Housing Unit of the Brooklyn Neighborhood Office. Judith serves as the Board Vice-President of Housing Court Answers. She also coordinates the monthly citywide Housing Task Force Meetings with Legal Services NYC.