Medical Needs of Adolescents Explored in Unique JRP Training With Mt.Sinai Adolescent Center

With a shared interest in the medical needs of adolescents, doctors from the Mount Sinai Adolescent Center participated in a unique specialized training program designed for lawyers of the Juvenile Rights Practice of The Legal Aid Society yesterday in the Stern Auditorium at Mt. Sinai.

The all-day session included presentations on a wide range of topics ranging from the reproductive rights of teens and adolescent behavior to mental health issues and evaluations and models of treatment and therapy. Dr. Angela Diaz, Director of the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center provided an overview of the Adolescent Health Center and discussed reproductive rights of teens and services available at the clinic.

There were presentations on working with special populations including LGBTQ youth and sexually exploited youth and discussions about promising evidence-based treatments that are being used to work with adolescents to assist them with issues related to substance abuse, family dynamics and trauma. The training program offered both groups an opportunity to share information that will benefit the adolescents served by both providers.