Joint Statement from The Legal Aid Society and the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys on Federal Revocation of Protections for Transgender Students

The Legal Aid Society and the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys released the following joint statement this morning responding to last night’s revocation of federal protections for transgender students.

“President Trump’s rollback of fundamental anti-discrimination protections for transgender students is callous and an affront to civil rights. Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise given Betsy Devos’ and Jeff Sessions’ troubling track record on this issue, and general apathy for the vulnerable. This is more than an issue about restrooms, it is about the right of trans people to be safe and supported in all public spaces.

Although our local and state laws are well beyond what is afforded in most states, this should serve as an impetus for the Governor and Mayor to further strengthen protections for transgender students. This White House has made it abundantly clear that issues of equality are regretfully not a top priority. The Legal Aid Society’s LGBT Law and Policy Initiative will closely monitor this and all future efforts of the federal administration to undermine the civil rights or our LGBTGNCQ+ communities.”