Inspirational National Hispanic Latinx Celebration With Calls To Do More, Give Back
New York City Council Member Vanessa Gibson (center) at Legal Aid's Hispanic Latinx Celebration with (from left) Adan Soltren, Civil Staff Attorney HCLO; Casandra Tolentino, JRP Staff Attorney; Alena Aguilar, Social Worker CDP; and Seymour W. James, Attorney-in-Chief.

The Legal Aid Society's National Hispanic Latinx Heritage Celebration last night was a tremendous affair with an inspirational call to action by New York City Council Member Vanessa Gibson and Staff speakers Alena Aguilar, Adan Soltren, and Casandra Tolentino.

Council Member Gibson praised Seymour W. James, Attorney-in-Chief, for all he has accomplished for poor people, in particular those caught up in the criminal justice system. She praised the great work of the Staff saying, "For the people that have doors closed in their face, you give them hope."

Adan Soltren urged that the Call for Aid for Puerto Rico from ALAA and ACLA continue in the months ahead because the need is so tremendous. Alena Aguilar and Casandra Tolentino said they grew up in the Bronx and chose a Legal Aid career to give back to the people in their communities.

The event was arranged by Femi Disu-Oakley, Director of Diversity and Inclusion. She said that this is a vital time to recognize the contributions made and the important presence of our Hispanic and Latinx community. This year, in addition to the celebration, we are using the event as a donation drive for people affected by Hurricane Maria and as a platform for us to discuss the issues that are affecting the Hispanic and Latinx community.