Hats off To Brooklyn CDP
MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2015

On June 19th and 20th our Brooklyn office collaborated with the Brooklyn DA and OCA to host “Begin Again,” a two day warrant amnesty program. The Brooklyn staff, comprised of managers, staff attorneys, paralegals, social workers and others, under the leadership of Attorney-in-Charge, Dawn Ryan, were on hand to assist people in vacating and dismissing old summons warrants and providing answers to a host of questions from the community. While we are waiting for the official tally from OCA on how many people were served during the two day event, we know that our staff met several hundred people from across the city.  The event attracted so many people on Saturday that the event, initially set to end at 3pm, ended at 6:30pm. 

Thank you to the Dawn, the Brooklyn staff, MIS, Pat Bath and others for assisting in the LAS effort!

As we continue our advocacy to end discriminatory policing and the issuing of summons in communities of color, we will be pressing the City to implement similar programs citywide.