Goals of Rockefeller Drug Law Reform: Treatment Instead of Incarceration; Reducing Crime
SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 2010
William Gibney

The New York Daily News published an article Sunday quoting the City's top drug prosecutor saying that the revampled Rockefeller drug laws have let hardened drug dealers escape jail by claiming they are addicts. "Special Narcotics still measures success by the number of people they put in jail rather than effectiveness in reducing crime," said William Gibney, Director of the Society's Special Litigation Unit of the Criminal Practice.

The State repealed most of the mandatory minimum sentences last year for drug offenses imposed by the Rockefeller drug laws in the 1970s. Some individuals serving long sentences have been resentenced or released. Treatment is now an alternative to incarceration. A judge to dismiss a case against a drug defendant as long as the offender pleads guilty and completes treatment.