Eve Rosahn, Director of Legal Aid's Parole Revocation Defense Unit, Retires After Distinguished Career

After a distinguished career at The Legal Aid Society, Eve Rosahn, the Director of the Society's Parole Revocation Defense Unit, has retired from the Society. Under Rosahn's leadership, the Society's Parole Revocation Defense Unit has been recognized as the premier parole revocation advocacy organization. The Society's Parole Revocation Defense Unit was the first program in the nation to provide legal representation and social work diversion services specifically to persons who have been paroled from state prisons. Annually, the Unit now represents clients in more than 6,000 parole revocation hearings. The Unit's clients are men and women who have re-entered the community after release from prison, but are charged with violating a condition of parole, often wrongfully.

Rosahn provided the legal leadership for the Unit's attorneys and social workers to advocate for the return of clients to their families and communities, often avoiding additional incarceration via placement in community-based programs that address substance abuse, mental illness, or medical needs. Under her supervision, the Unit's staff successfully challenged unlawful conditions imposed on parolees, improper parole violation charges, and the failure to provide due process rights to clients with mental health needs. In recognition of her expertise and abilities, Rosahn was frequently asked to conduct comprehensive training on parole revocation matters for administrative law judges presiding at parole revocation hearings and parole agency specialists as well as other practitioners who handle parole revocation proceedings.

Rosahn is a graduate of CUNY Law School. Prior to law school, she was a paralegal with Prisoners Legal Services and worked on civil matters for New York State prisoners. After law school, Rosahn worked at South Brooklyn Legal Services and then at the Church Avenue Merchants Block Association. At both organizations, her work focused on providing civil legal services to indigent clients with AIDS and HIV. In 1998, Rosahn joined the Society as a Staff Attorney in the Parole Revocation Defense Unit, and she was promoted to the position of the Unit's Supervising Attorney in 2004. In May 2008, she was appointed as the Director of the Unit. A search is underway for a new Director of the Society's Parole Revocation Defense Unit. In the interim, Lorraine McEvilley, a Supervising Attorney in the Unit, is providing day-to-day leadership for the Unit, and Justine Luongo, the Deputy Attorney-in-Charge of the Society's Criminal Practice, is providing oversight for the Society's Parole Revocation Defense work.