Emily Ruben Discusses Child Support on CBS

Emily Ruben, Attorney-in-Charge of the Brooklyn Neighborhood Office of The Legal Aid Society, appeared on WCBS last night and discussed child support and the failure of many fathers to provide for their children.


CBS 2 News at 11
WCBS (CBS) New York
March 8th, 2010 11-12 PM

Kristine Johnson, Co-Anchor: The Jets introduced Antonio Cromartie today to the media. Unfortunately, his reputation preceded him.

Chris Wragge, Co-Anchor: Both player and team are hoping for a fresh start for their new defensive star, who’s already made a name for himself off the field as the subject of numerous paternity suits. CBS 2’s Rob Morrison has this report.

Rob Morrison, Reporter: Young, talented, and instantly rich, 21-year-old Antonio Cromartie had it all when he entered pro-football four years ago, but it all quickly became too much, and now he finds himself defending his character.

Antonio Cromartie, Jets Cornerback: I wouldn’t say that it was a character issue at all. You know, I made a lot of wrong decisions in, you know, my first two years in the NFL.

Rob Morrison: Those wrong decisions came off the playing field, fathering seven children with six women in five states.

Antonio Cromartie: My responsibilities are my kids. You know, they are my responsibilities, and I love them to death, and whatever I got to do for them to do, then I’m going to do it.

Rob Morrison: Only now it seems as Cromartie, now twenty-five, ready to take responsibility for his children, the Jets have fronted him a half million dollars to clear up five pending paternity suits against him. Sports psychologist Anne-Renee Testa says “too much too fast” has become too common for young athletes these days.

Dr. Anne-Renee Testa, Sports Psychologist: They’re almost in an adolescent state when they do these things, adolescent meaning that they’re not present; they’re not thinking about the future. They’re thinking about now.

Rob Morrison: Emily Rubin with Legal Aid says it’s not just athletes she sees failing to live up to their responsibility.

Emily Rubin, Legal Aid Attorney: And I think it’s really important for men to really understand and think about the consequences of their actions, because once a child is born, a child has a right to support.

Rob Morrison: Maybe best remembered by Jets fans for not tackling Shawn Green here in the playoffs, Cromartie now says he is ready to tackle his personal life here in New York.

Antonio Cromartie: Be a professional on and off the field.

Rob Morrison: Cromartie comes to the Jets in the final year of a $12 million contract. With little to no money in the bank, he says he knows he has to play well in order to extend his career and provide for his children. The Jets’ off season program begins on March 22nd. Chris, Kristine?

Chris Wragge: Alright, Rob. Thank you.