Daily News: East Harlem Rezoning Litigation Letter to the Editor

Judith Goldiner, Jennifer Levy and Kat Meyers penned a letter to the editor in response to a Daily News editorial on the Society’s litigation challenging the City’s East Harlem rezoning plan.

New York Daily News
What’s wrong with dis-place
January 23, 2018

Manhattan: East Harlem is just the latest testing ground for the city to roll out an upzoning plan. We have already witnessed the effects of rezoning across Harlem. Rents increase — including for rent-regulated apartments — and longtime tenants are displaced. That’s why we’re seeking to change an obscure but significant process: how the city measures the likelihood of tenant displacement in land use decisions — because what the city currently relies on doesn’t work for communities and produces the dire outcomes we all want to avoid. Despite the Daily News’ contention about how good rent-stabilized tenants have it, that is fiction, and protections on the books hardly make them impervious to market pressures (“Building bigger obstacles,” editorial, Jan. 19). Unrelenting forces of gentrification and landlord harassment are central reasons why rent-stabilized housing stock continues to dwindle.

Judith Goldiner, Jennifer Levy and Kat Meyers
Attorneys, The Legal Aid Society