Daily News: Convention Concerns

Adriene Holder's letter to the editor in the Daily News on why a Constitutional Convention would jeopardize needed public programs and legal protections for the vulnerable.

NY Daily News
Convention Fears
by Adriene Holder
July 19, 2017

Manhattan: Errol Louis paints far too rosy a picture of a convention (“Rouse our sleeping powers,” column, July 18). If the risk he cites — reformers achieving nothing — were the only downside, more New Yorkers would support a convention. But far more is at stake. Every part of the Constitution is up for grabs in a convention. Since election reform has not yet been achieved, special interests supported by dark money could use New York as a battleground to dismantle the safety net for low-income New Yorkers, restore the death penalty, sell protected land and destroy worker protections. The state Constitution is all we have when these critical rights are being attacked by Washington. Electing candidates to the Legislature who support election reform is the only way to pursue needed change safely. Advocates for a convention can promise that the worst will not come to pass, but they simply have no way to deliver on that promise. Adrienne Holder, Attorney-in-Charge Civil Practice, Legal Aid Society

This article originally appeared in NY Daily News.