CM Jumaane Williams Announces Plan to Provide Jobs for Young People

New York City Council Member Jumaane Williams announced a proposal to provide jobs for young people. Karen Cacace, Attorney-in-Charge of the Employment Law Unit at The Legal Aid Society, participated in the announcement.

Seymour W. James, the Attorney-in-Chief of The Legal Aid Society, issued the following statement: "The Legal Aid Society commends Council Member Jumaane Williams for calling on the Mayor and City Council to fully fund, in the City's final FY 2017 budget, youth employment opportunities for every young person that applies. Providing employment for young New Yorkers is an essential tool to combat poverty, and provides our youth with an alternative to street life and falling prey to the criminal justice system. It will also provide young people with the experience and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen careers. Through this proposal and his prior leadership concerning the Fair Chance Act, Council Member Williams has demonstrated his commitment to providing opportunities for all New Yorkers to work and gain independence, and his belief that meaningful work opportunities for New Yorkers create the foundation for a strong city. Providing access to good jobs is essential in the fight against income inequality. The Legal Aid Society applauds his efforts and encourages the City Council and Mayor to join him in creating much needed opportunities for New York's next generation.”