Chief Attorney Reaffirms Legal Aid's Position On The Need For Independent Oversight Of Prosecutors
TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2013

In a recent ProPublica article on the continuing controversy about the conduct of Louis Scarcella, a retired Brooklyn homicide detective, and the potential for a significant number of wrongful convictions in Scarcella's cases, Steven Banks, The Legal Aid Society's Attorney-in-Chief, reaffirmed the Society's longstanding position that independent oversight of prosecutors is needed.

The Legal Aid Society has identified at least 20 of the nearly 50 Scarcella cases under investigation by the Brooklyn District Attorney's office that involve Legal Aid clients. Banks told ProPublica that "[i]n our experience with cases of wrongful convictions, over many years and in all five boroughs, there are elements of misconduct by the police and elements of misconduct by prosecutors. That's why we for years have been calling for independent oversight of all prosecutors."